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Barnaby Kemp is a writer whose work has featured in the Daily Telegraph and numerous prestigious magazine titles. A coffee enthusiast, gentleman motorcyclist and rock singer in training, he has lived in Headington for more than ten years. His world view is shaped by his Welsh/Kiwi heritage and an affinity for a classic aesthetic.

Jonny Ives is a journalist who has spent much of his writing career in corporate communications and the unglamorous world of magazine publishing, mainly as a specialist in the field of sport, leisure and culture. A columnist for the Oxford Mail and owner of more bicycles than is strictly necessary, he has lived in the Quarry for 25 years.

The Headington Occasional emerged from numerous conversations about the innumerable stories that were waiting to be written about Headington if only there were a magazine that would publish them. Notoriously slow on the uptake, Barney and Jonny eventually realised that they could, and would have to, do it themselves. The result is a publication dedicated to all the things about, and of interest to, everybody and everything that happens in and around Headington, including occasional reference to its rather grander neighbour down the hill.